23 Feb

Tonight, February 22, 2012, was a revelatory night in American politics… and not just because the nation got to see Ron Paul call Santorum “fake” to his self-righteous un-American face.

Tonight America might just have seen why Newt Gingrich is bothering to stay in the GOP nomination race.

Admit it. The thought of why Newt is still hanging around has crossed your mind. He is increasingly out of place on the national stage. He is falling in all the polls, eclipsed by Santorum’s tinsel star. We all know Gingrich is not in it to win.

Newt knows it, too. He has heard the media calling for him to quite pretending to be a GOP Presidential candidate. His delusions don’t prevent him from realizing his only real chance of seeing the Oval Office next January is probably on a guided tour.

So why is he still bothering? I think tonight’s debate might have shown us the answer.

When CNN’s John King tried to ask the candidates ‘the contraception question’, you know, the one that All of America is talking about, the one that would have made Santorum look like an idiot on live TV, Gingrich jumped to ridicule the question and say it was inappropriate.

No it wasn’t.

It is not inappropriate to discuss the rights of Americans, their right to privacy, their right to security of the person, the right of conscience… their right to be free without Santorum and the Catholic Pope in their bedroom.

It’s a  perfectly appropriate question.

And it’s a question that Santorum can’t afford to answer during a live debate because his answer is unconstitutional and unpopular. And so Gingrich shielded him with his blustery bogus. Gingrich, who has no hope in this race, running interference for a fellow Catholic who still has a chance.

Yes. I just speculated that the real reason Gingrich is still in the race is to watch Santorum’s backside.

Crazy? Implausible? Maybe. Maybe not. Gingrich converted to Catholicism after wife number three and an encounter with the Pope made him think he’d found the ‘god particle’ of his existence. He abandoned his Protestant roots to embrace the Pope, a man who hates freedom of religion, hates the principle of sola scriptura, and hates, hates, hates an America where people are free to worship as their conscience dictates.

Far fetched?

We’ll see.








  1. Cyrus Guccione February 28, 2012 at 2:52 am #

    Dude man! this is far out, but who knows! Pretty stirring insight.

    • eliaswittenberg February 28, 2012 at 7:09 am #

      Gingrich may have all sorts of collateral motives for remaining in the race – for one, its making him and some of his cronies a lot of money –

      Nationwide though, Gingrich is dead last in the polls, all the way down at an insignificant 6 percent. He’s not coming back. He can deflect questions from Santorum. And he can suck up debate time and keep it from going to Santorum’s opponents, who just use it to make Santorum look bad. The less time Ron Paul has on camera, the better for Santorum. There’s no doubt I’m speculating, and only half seriously… but it does make one wonder.

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