To Hijacka tha Nation

16 Mar

When I hear him talk, muffled, and in the background, I can hear the steady stamp of hard black boots. Hundreds and thousands of staccato stomping soldiers of the ‘Christian’ Right, all in unison. The Super PAC and family ads help mask the sound of marching and yes, shouting, but they are still there. These are not your grand daddy’s Christians. They are children of a different god, and they are following their prophet, a modern day Fuhrer.

The latest stomp in Rick Santorum’s march is a declaration that Puerto Rico make English its principal language if it wants to gain admittance as a state in the United States.

No speaka tha English, no US statehood.

Puerto Rico has two official languages. Spanish and English. Santorum is not satisfied with that, however – English must be first.

Down the road, in Santorum’s America (which thank God does not exist yet, except in his own unsettled mind), do you have to speak English to be a US citizen?

Santorum has already said that the laws in America should coincide with the moral law of God. This statement must be interpreted in the light of his Catholicism. Not all of Christianity agrees with the Catholic requirements or Catholic moral ethics. I do not want an America where the President believes that the laws of the government should be reflective of the moral laws of God because I do not trust Santorum to interpret the moral laws of God. And neither should you.

Santorum belongs to an organization that believes that only Catholics will go to heaven. Does he also believe that Americans should all be Christians (his version of the religion) and speak English?

Maybe Santorum is just exploiting a concerning trend in Christianity, and maybe in America – we are less and less favourable to people who are different than we are, and immigrants, period.

Our forefathers were immigrants. Poles, Scots, Africans, Dutch, Welsh, Italians, Spanish, Jews, French, Russians. Many of them spoke broken English, and came from broken lands in search of hope and freedom.

But Christians, at least, have forgotten the broken English of their grandparents.

But we are not too old yet to remember Adolf Hilter, and how he dreamed of an Arian master race that spoke German to replace the people of the nations he subjugated in Europe. He wanted to destroy diversity.

Santorum is out to do the same thing, in a different way. He is doing it by pandering to an increasingly bigoted and intolerant Christianity that wants to force Americans to be like them.

Santorum is showing, as Hitler did in the thirties, that he has no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution. Just as he would give states the right to ban contraception, despite the clear ruling of the US Supreme Court in Griswold, he would rewrite the Constitution to require that a state have English as its principal language.

Neither the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights require English as the principal language of any state of the union. Diversity is one of the hallmarks of America. You can walk for blocks (or blogs depending on your accent) in most of the major cities and not hear a word of English. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s the sound of liberty.

Ask yourself truly – what makes an American? Is it the language they speak?

Do we not have plenty of English speakers who cannot think? Are the thoughts of a man’s heart (integrity, courage, liberty, loyalty) not more important than the fluency of his English?

English, like any language, can be learned, but freedom is the great teacher. It opens the hearts of the children of men. Let us not confuse which is most important, or which is the necessary precursor to advancement.

And finally, I wonder what happens in Rick Santorum’s America if one day there are more than 50% of people in California speaking Spanish. Does California lose its standing in the Union? Does it get bumped down to a protectorate?


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