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UFC is Evil

8 Mar

UFC is evil. Period.

Our world increasingly calls “darkness” “light”, and “light” “darkness”. The Protestant reformation awakened the consciences of millions around the world to the rights of conscience, of the high place that humanity is called to in Christ, to the self-evident truth that man was created in the image of God, and endowed by His maker with inalienable rights. But our society is forgetting the Bible and the beautiful, sacred truths that it holds. We are lapsing back to Rome – to the ignorance, the superstition, the sexual immorality, the crime and yes, the violence and brutality of that most degenerate and self-indulgent age. UFC is now main stream, like a malignant cancer on what was a fair land, with its ugly violence, sexual exploitation and glorification of brutality.

And UFC is a perfect symbol of how the entertainment tastes of the world are changing.

If you are a Christian, you should turn your face away from the sorrowful sight of thousands of blood thirsty people screaming and cheering, watching with debased and sick fascination while two men made in the image of God bludgeon and bloody each other. You should turn away. You should be ashamed of this age. Your heart should sorrow for the decline of sensibility, of sympathy, of the hearts of many growing cold.

How can you expect to go to heaven while you love something so terrible and so disgraceful? This is the deception of Satan – he dulls the sensibilities until people do not realize that he is ensnaring them. He tells people that they are “saved” because they said some words, and convinces them that they do not need a change of heart, that it is OK to continue in sin, indulging every fallen passion. There will be nothing like UFC in heaven.

Below is a link to a cockfight. Cock fighting is a gambling event where two roosters are pit against each other in combat, with razor blades tied to their legs. It is illegal in America and many other places because of its brutality and its violence.

See the cheering, blood thirsty crowd, intent on the violence and suffering of a living creature. See their focus and their glee at the bloody contest. No cable t.v. station would broadcast it in the so-called “developed” world. Our sensibilities are too refined.

Now watch this:

Note the similarities. The lust for blood, the love of violence, the pride of domination, the lack of compassion, the lack of empathy, the joy in violence and brutality, the maddened throng.

As the Lord lives, God and angels turn away their faces from this horrible sight, and weep. And if you, reader, think that you can love something satanic like UFC, and be right with God at the same time, consider Him who gave His life for you – the meek and gentle Jesus.

You cannot love God and the world. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or visa versa. The two are incompatible.

Do not be deceived, beloved.