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Kenneth Copeland and Pope Francis

13 Mar

There used to be an army of men and women throwing an enormous spotlight on the dark, malignant ecclesiastical tyrant that is the Papacy.

They used to be called Protestants. They were called Protestant because they were publicly protesting.

What or whom were they protesting?

They were protesting the abuses, hypocrisies, and false teachings of the corrupt Catholic church.

How could they protest? The Church was The religious authority. On what authority could they challenge the Catholic Church?

The Protestants protest was a proclamation that the Church did not match the Word of God.

The Protestants authority was the Bible.

A Protestant used to stand on the foundation of God’s Word to debunk the gross superstitions and corruption of the Catholic Church, or any false teaching. Over hundreds of years, millions of brave souls scorned poverty, persecution and often a horrible death to open the pages of the the Scriptures to the public. To bring truth to the world, no matter what. Their sacrifice ushered in the Reformation, the great Spiritual enlightenment that in turn opened the door for the Renaissance.

What is that, I hear you say? The Reformation sparked the Renaissance?


In a very real way, your modern lifestyle, your education, your literacy, your health, your hygiene, your travel, your personal library (either digital or paper) is a testimony to those souls who braved death to search the Bible for themselves and then risk their lives, over and over, to tell a world that was gripped in the darkness of the superstitious and hypocritical prison of the Roman Catholic Church that the Church was a liar. That it did not at all represent God – that in fact, it was against Christ. It was, and is still, anti-Christ.

Hard to believe? Chew on this: for 1600 years there was essentially no advance in human progress. Illiteracy. Squalor. Disease. Corruption. Superstition. That was the norm for 1600 years. Society regressed instead of progressed. What changed things was the Reformation.

If there had been no Reformation you’d almost certainly be illiterate, with a life expectancy of 40, dirty, backward and superstitious, just like your ancestors for 1600 years during the Dark Ages.

Where would the world be without the recognition that all men were created in the image of God, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? You don’t think that’s a Catholic teaching, do you?

And if you are blessed today to live in a land that permits you, for a little while longer, to believe and worship as your conscience dictates, you should perhaps wonder how it is that this came to be.

There is absolutely nothing sadder today for humanity than that those Protestant watchmen have fallen silent.

Lutherans. Methodists. Evangelicals. All quiet. They have all, apparently, lost their Bibles. And so they have lost their bearings. They have sacrificed principle and the plain Word of Scripture to again grasp the bejeweled fingers of the Roman Pontiff, that man of sin who proudly proclaims the Papacy has never changed.

A quick glance shows this is true: It is still the haven and teacher of vice, idolatry, blasphemy, oppression, murder and lust that it has always been.

It is the protest that has changed. The cry that should be crescendoing today, right now! has tapered into a pathetic denial of the Risen Christ.

And instead of protests, there is a strange sound in the land – it is the sound of blessing, while supposedly protestant leaders bless the Roman Pontiff, forgetting somehow, that his teachings are no more sound today than they ever were.

Kenneth Copeland is only the most recent Judas Iscariot.

The silence of the Protestant Watchmen is not unnoticed today by Rome. Woe to the land! For the gate is unguarded.


John Chapter 4

1 Jul

Beautiful and Faith Affirming


23 Apr

So, I recently chanced to see most of this movie – you know, the one that came out several years ago. I know, I’m behind the times. I just don’t watch many movies.

The movie is a sensory buffet, with the most unreal (or real) special effects I think I may have ever scene (and take into account I don’t get out much). It’s a very seductive piece of film making, and it is meant to be.

There were many scenes which caught my attention, but the one particularly I would like to draw attention to happens close to the beginning of the movie, and is a perfect illustration of the dangers of Hollywood and the agenda that permeates its offerings.

Perhaps the most significant and symbolic scene in the entire movie, the one that likely goes right past peoples’ heads nowadays (but into their sub-conscious mind with the intended message) is when Jake Sully first goes into his Avatar.

He’s in a lab. There are technicians who try to help him with his new body. He is a bit unstable, standing in it for the first time, and they tell him to sit back down – he is knocking things down, making a mess. He repeatedly disobeys, lost in the joy of discovery. Then, because he’s not listening, they try to sedate him, and he escapes from the lab, and first haltingly, then with more assurance, begins to run. Discovering, and reveling in the profound joy of being able to walk (he’s paralyzed in his other body).

So. It’s his first day being a new being. The new being, the new body, rather, was created in the lab. He expressly and repeatedly disobeys the people in control, and decides to explore and discover for himself – he does not need their constraint. He escapes, and first stumbles, then walks, then runs, faster and faster – learning and experiencing. Remind you of anything yet?

Then the moment of tremendous significance that James Cameron shows his hand and reveals his agenda in this movie. He puts it all together for you.

Sully is standing in a boring cultivated garden. The female scientist (in her Avatar body) isn’t upset that he has come out of the lab so quickly. She throws him a beautiful, amazing looking piece of fruit, and says something like, “your motor skills look good” – i.e. – you’re ready. He bites it into this amazing looking piece of fruit, and the look of delight on his face says he’s found something amazing. The juice runs down his face. Then he leaves the cultivated garden, and begins to explore the real world, one full of beauty and wonder and danger and everything else Cameron can tell you is on this pretend, non-existent world. Everything that happens next, everything Jake Sully becomes, every amazing thing he experiences, happens after he eats the fruit, after he disobeys the people in the lab, after he leaves the cultivated, boring garden.

Cameron is sending a message. This is the creation story and fall in a few frames. You can read about it in the Bible, in the first 4 chapters of Genesis. Adam, in the garden, disobedient to his Creator. His body was created for him, but Adam disobeyed in eating the forbidden fruit. The Serpent told him it would make him wise, and that God was trying to keep it away from him because if he ate it he would be like God. The Serpent said God was trying to keep him down. Just like the people in the lab. And the movie Avatar then tells you that everything good – and enlightening – everything worth having, comes from disobedience to your Creator. That is the message of this scene, and ultimately, the central theme of this movie. It’s rebellion, with an environmentalist twist.

It’s a lie though, people. Rebellion against God has brought every misery you see around you on this world. Every sickness, every death, every decaying, polluted thing, is ultimately a result of sin and rebellion. Creation at the beginning was perfect. What you see around you was never what the Creator intended.

The portrayal that He is like a bunch of pygmy scientists (compared to the intellectual and physical capacity of His creation) is a blasphemous lie. The idea that the garden of Eden was this boring row of carrots (or whatever the humans are growing on Pandora) is a ridiculous lie. Eden was perfect, and gorgeous beyond anything the movie Avatar could come up with. The lie that you will be rewarded for rebellion is a destructive falsehood. God sent His Son to save the world from sin, and life and immortality come only through Him. God is not like He is portrayed in Avatar. He is good, and loving, and cares for humanity, as evidenced by Him sending His Son to die on behalf of humanity and save them from the consequences of their rebellion.

There are many other highly symbolic themes in the movie, for example, Jake Sully’s arrival on a great red dragon to save the world, and everyone on the planet (all the tribes) following after him, as one. Revelation 12 and 13 talks about a great red dragon, and that dragon gives his authority to the next beast that comes up with 7 heads and ten horns, symbolizing the transfer of power from pagan Rome to papal Rome (the Roman Catholic Church). I won’t go into that particularly at the moment, but it is telling. Then there is the false religion aspect of the movie – the paganism new age pantheism voodoo that runs through the whole thing, teaching that god is everywhere, that she (for god is female in Avatar) comes from the earth and that you can access her earth magic, etc. The very name – Pandora – is telling, and is a reference to the story of Pandora’s box, and all the horrible consequences that came from her disobedience.

The central theme, that runs throughout this movie, is that disobedience to God in whatever form – in rebellion and disobedience, in pagan (new age) worship, in pre-marital forbidden sex, in pride and violence, etc. is rewarded. It is enlightening. The god symbol in the movie is the established corporate/military order that keeps trying to prevent Sully from experiencing, keeps interrupting his experience with the Avatar, etc. James Cameron (and Hollywood in general) consistently has this agenda, and Avatar delivers it in fantastic, seductive, otherworldly fashion. It’s a dangerous movie, and people don’t see it. They’re dazzled by the flash of the CGI Serpent who, little by little, is bringing the whole world around to his way of thinking.

Don’t be deceived, beloved.

UFC is Evil

8 Mar

UFC is evil. Period.

Our world increasingly calls “darkness” “light”, and “light” “darkness”. The Protestant reformation awakened the consciences of millions around the world to the rights of conscience, of the high place that humanity is called to in Christ, to the self-evident truth that man was created in the image of God, and endowed by His maker with inalienable rights. But our society is forgetting the Bible and the beautiful, sacred truths that it holds. We are lapsing back to Rome – to the ignorance, the superstition, the sexual immorality, the crime and yes, the violence and brutality of that most degenerate and self-indulgent age. UFC is now main stream, like a malignant cancer on what was a fair land, with its ugly violence, sexual exploitation and glorification of brutality.

And UFC is a perfect symbol of how the entertainment tastes of the world are changing.

If you are a Christian, you should turn your face away from the sorrowful sight of thousands of blood thirsty people screaming and cheering, watching with debased and sick fascination while two men made in the image of God bludgeon and bloody each other. You should turn away. You should be ashamed of this age. Your heart should sorrow for the decline of sensibility, of sympathy, of the hearts of many growing cold.

How can you expect to go to heaven while you love something so terrible and so disgraceful? This is the deception of Satan – he dulls the sensibilities until people do not realize that he is ensnaring them. He tells people that they are “saved” because they said some words, and convinces them that they do not need a change of heart, that it is OK to continue in sin, indulging every fallen passion. There will be nothing like UFC in heaven.

Below is a link to a cockfight. Cock fighting is a gambling event where two roosters are pit against each other in combat, with razor blades tied to their legs. It is illegal in America and many other places because of its brutality and its violence.

See the cheering, blood thirsty crowd, intent on the violence and suffering of a living creature. See their focus and their glee at the bloody contest. No cable t.v. station would broadcast it in the so-called “developed” world. Our sensibilities are too refined.

Now watch this:

Note the similarities. The lust for blood, the love of violence, the pride of domination, the lack of compassion, the lack of empathy, the joy in violence and brutality, the maddened throng.

As the Lord lives, God and angels turn away their faces from this horrible sight, and weep. And if you, reader, think that you can love something satanic like UFC, and be right with God at the same time, consider Him who gave His life for you – the meek and gentle Jesus.

You cannot love God and the world. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or visa versa. The two are incompatible.

Do not be deceived, beloved.

Chiropractor = Dangerous Fraud

14 Feb

PT 1

You see their “practices” in strip malls. You hear about them at dinner parties. They are featured in cool Hollywood movies. Your friends go for “adjustments”. You yourself may have attended, on the advice of a friend, or worse, a misguided physician. Chiropractors, after a century of mostly skepticism and scorn from the medical community, little by little have become main stream and acceptable. Some of their treatments are even covered by health insurers today.

But some chiropractors, whether knowingly or unknowingly, at best are practicing the same art as the snake-oil salesman. At worst, they are practicing under the same banner as the palm-reader and the psychic. We’ll get to that in part II of this subject.

Very few people know the history of the chiropractic art, or the names behind it. The credulous masses today accept  chiropractors as healers and treaters of ailments by virtue of their “scientific” credential. Thus, few know that chiropractic was founded by a man who practiced magnetism and hypnosis and believed in something called ‘Innate Intelligence’ – a controlling exterior force that accesses the human body through the spinal chord.

The following paragraph by B.J. Palmer, the son of the founder, Daniel David Palmer, describes his relationship to the concept of Innate Intelligence (all emphasis original):

IT WAS HERE IN THIS ONE ROOM, the Great Teacher and Master of ALL people of ALL times, was Innate. IT WAS HERE with these retired personalities, with their every-day personal products, I learned the basic truths of Chiropractic and how to become a Chiropractor.

Up till THIS period of MY life, I was INVOLVING MY thots, words, and acts much like so many have done and were doing. The “I” was egotistic as well as egoistic.

After THIS period of OUR life, WE began EVOLVING like few people do or have done. From then on, WE thot, spoke, and acted. From then on, “I” was humble in the presence of Innate within as WE lived together.IT WAS THERE, plus time, IN THIS ONE ROOM, I found MYself. WE found OURselves—INNATE AND I—until EACH lost his or her singular and single identity and became a plural duality, to eventually walk down the byways and highways together the rest of OUR lives (1961, p. 163).

That should be enough to weird you out of the chiro office forever. But there’s more.

In public, Palmer, the aforementioned 19th century hypnotist and practitioner of animal magnetism, related that he ‘discovered’ chiropractic while doing a treatment on a partially deaf janitor. Palmer said he perfectly manipulated or adjusted the man’s spine, and that this adjustment was the most perfect adjustment ever made. Palmer was a bit of an ego-maniac, apparently.

According to Palmer Senior’s daughter, however, she saw her father hit the fellow in the spine with a book he was holding during the telling of a joke. Some days afterward, the patient remarked that he thought his hearing was better after being hit in the spine. Palmer called it chiropractic because he had “healed” his patient with his hands.

In private, however, Palmer revealed the source of chiropractic as something else entirely – messages received during seances from a dead doctor named Jim Atkinson. Palmer was a practicing spiritist. (Spiritism is a doctrine founded upon the existence, manifestations and teachings of the spirits, or in other words, the dead.) The Bible expressly forbids forbids attempting to communicate with the dead (Deuteronomy 18:10-12), says that the dead are asleep, without any conscious thought (Ecclesiastes 9:5), and that God alone has immortality (1 Tim 6:16). Those who speak with the dead are speaking with demons, Satan’s fallen angels, who are well able to impersonate the dead and so pass a multitude of deceptions to humanity.

The vast majority of chiropractors today still believe in Innate Intelligence, and that the misalignment of the spine is the cause of 95% of all diseases because I.I. can’t flow through your nerves properly. Which of course also means they believe they can cure just about everything from the flu to cancer with a spinal adjustment. Palmer attributed the ‘cure’ of the janitor to his perfect adjustment to the spinal chord so that the Innate Intelligence could flow uninterrupted.

Education wise, the average chiropractor (DC) graduates with over $100,000 in student loan debt, yet can usually make only around $30,000 as an associate doctor. This figure often includes no health insurance, retirement, vacation, or other benefits.

As an associate doctor, their main job is to recruit patients, which basically means to indoctrinate them into the idea that they need to come to your office three times a week for the rest of their lives.

This is accomplished by scaring patients and telling them they have a fake lesion called a chiropractic subluxation (which they say is different than an orthopedic subluxation). This is, of course, pure quackery. Only chiropractors believe that chiropractic subluxations exist. No other doctor or scientist has ever found one. Of course, the Livestrong Foundation says they are real, which just goes to prove they’re fake.

Here is a list of all the websites started by people who have suffered from some fool trying to do a neck manipulation:

Neck manipulations, the mainstay of all chiropractors, can cause stroke, paralysis, torn neck arteries, and a host of other less severe ailments, including a progressive loosening of spinal ligaments (and not to mention the funds in your wallet).

It’s worse than quackery. It’s potentially dangerous.

Stay Tuned for PT 2.

Death to Accountability

28 Jan

We sometimes get a glimpse of the deeper psychological health or state of being of society generally in a microcosm experience. A snap-shot can be revelatory. If we think back we can remember hundreds of them, each of them mini-lessons, of the health and general well-being of our world.

I work out at a well-known fitness facility that has franchises all over the U.S. I joined because the rates are reasonable and its important to stay in shape.

Working out is like life – you only get what you put in. Perseverance is rewarded with gains and advances. The gains and advances are added motivation to the primary fear that if you do nothing with your body it will degenerate until it eventually closely resembles a bloated garden slug. The efforts made bring their own rewards – increased quality of life, improved self-respect, progress. Progress is key.
Soon after enrolling in said fitness facility, I finished working out one day and went to the men’s locker room to weigh myself. Strangely enough, I could not find a scale. I returned to the floor, thinking I would find it amongst the equipment, but it wasn’t there either. Finally, I checked the front desk, thinking that this was the last obvious place. No scale at the front desk.

Confused, I asked the desk worker where the scale was.
Here’s a part of our exchange:

Desk Worker (DW): Oh, we’ve recently remove the scale from the gym. We no longer have one.

Me: What?! You guys run a gym. You’re telling me there’s no scale anywhere in here?

DW: No.

Me: Why?

DW: Management has decided that it’s bad for the clientele.

Me: How is it bad?

DW: They think its bad for morale.

Me: Shouldn’t the client be able to decide whether they want to weigh themselves?

DW: No, because management has decided the clients are intimidated by the scale, and having it in the building interferes with their enjoyment of their workout. We don’t want them to feel judged.

Me: Well, how are they supposed to know if they are making progress?

DW: They can go to the scale at home if they want.

Me: Well, then why can’t they have the same choice at the gym? I mean, if they don’t want to weigh in – they don’t have to. Nobody is forcing them to get up there. Those who want, to can; those who don’t, don’t have to.

DW: Management has decided, sir. There’s a personal trainer who has an office in this complex who will let you use his scale if you like.

Me: (Trying again). Look, I’m not trying to lose weight. The scale isn’t intimidating to me. I’m sure there’s lots of people who are like me who go here who’d like to be able to check. I’d like to gain weight. How am I to tell if I’m making progress or not?

DW: You can use the scale in the personal trainer’s office.

There’s the microcosm. In the most obese country in the world, even people at the gym don’t want to be told their overweight. It’s an unwanted intrusion. They want to hear “you’re doing well”, “you went to the gym, and now its fine if you go home and eat potato chips all day and watch Oprah.” There is even a slogan on the wall at the this particular gym that says, “Judgment Free Zone.”

The scale judges them. It says, “you’re fat.” And that means it has to go.

Death to accountability.

It reminds me of the law of God. You know, the Ten Commandments that say you will not commit adultery, or steal, or kill, or covet, or take God’s name in vain. The same law of God that the Christian church today says is done away with. And the rationale and the reasoning is the same.

Pastors say, “the law is not binding. You are under grace now, so there’s nothing to condemn you.” That’s just another way of saying, “you’re a sinner, and God doesn’t care now if you sin because He died to save you.”

It’s a lie. God didn’t die to save you so that you could continue to live in sin (in violation of His law). He made a sacrifice on your behalf so that He could remake you so that you would stop violating His law, and instead, live in harmony with it and Him. When you come to Him, you come as you are, and He remakes you so that you cease to be a law breaker. God doesn’t want you to continue living in sin anymore than your personal trainer wants you to stay fat. Unless you workout at my gym.

Paul says that there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1. Did Christ Jesus sin? How can we be in Christ Jesus if we are committing adultery? Or worshiping idols? The answer is simple – we can’t. That’s why you have to repent if you sin and ask forgiveness. That’s why the false Christian churches need the further lie of “once saved always saved.” One lie necessitates another, until the Christian no longer is a creature who Christ remakes in His own image, in conformity with His character and requirements. The modern Christian looks just like everyone else, and acts just like everyone else, because the modern churches have gotten rid of the scale of measurement. They have said there is no law. “Righteousness” has become nothing more than a magic cloak to continue doing all the sinful things you used to do.

The law of God doesn’t make you righteous – it’s of a measurement of character and behavior. It is confirmation of whether you are, so to speak, fat. You can’t work to gain God’s favor – its true. The Good News is that He sent His Son to die to save you, because you can’t save yourself. But He didn’t go to all the effort to live and die on your behalf so that He could leave you just the way you are. He came to set you free.

And part of freedom will always be accountability. Romans 6:16,17

Cure for Cutting, Cure for Depression

30 Dec

In this world of sorrow, there are an increasing number of people, who, for a variety of reasons, are cutting themselves. Physicians and psychologists are powerless to stop it – no drug, no therapy, can make a sorrowful person truly happy.

But there is a cure.

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