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23 Apr

So, I recently chanced to see most of this movie – you know, the one that came out several years ago. I know, I’m behind the times. I just don’t watch many movies.

The movie is a sensory buffet, with the most unreal (or real) special effects I think I may have ever scene (and take into account I don’t get out much). It’s a very seductive piece of film making, and it is meant to be.

There were many scenes which caught my attention, but the one particularly I would like to draw attention to happens close to the beginning of the movie, and is a perfect illustration of the dangers of Hollywood and the agenda that permeates its offerings.

Perhaps the most significant and symbolic scene in the entire movie, the one that likely goes right past peoples’ heads nowadays (but into their sub-conscious mind with the intended message) is when Jake Sully first goes into his Avatar.

He’s in a lab. There are technicians who try to help him with his new body. He is a bit unstable, standing in it for the first time, and they tell him to sit back down – he is knocking things down, making a mess. He repeatedly disobeys, lost in the joy of discovery. Then, because he’s not listening, they try to sedate him, and he escapes from the lab, and first haltingly, then with more assurance, begins to run. Discovering, and reveling in the profound joy of being able to walk (he’s paralyzed in his other body).

So. It’s his first day being a new being. The new being, the new body, rather, was created in the lab. He expressly and repeatedly disobeys the people in control, and decides to explore and discover for himself – he does not need their constraint. He escapes, and first stumbles, then walks, then runs, faster and faster – learning and experiencing. Remind you of anything yet?

Then the moment of tremendous significance that James Cameron shows his hand and reveals his agenda in this movie. He puts it all together for you.

Sully is standing in a boring cultivated garden. The female scientist (in her Avatar body) isn’t upset that he has come out of the lab so quickly. She throws him a beautiful, amazing looking piece of fruit, and says something like, “your motor skills look good” – i.e. – you’re ready. He bites it into this amazing looking piece of fruit, and the look of delight on his face says he’s found something amazing. The juice runs down his face. Then he leaves the cultivated garden, and begins to explore the real world, one full of beauty and wonder and danger and everything else Cameron can tell you is on this pretend, non-existent world. Everything that happens next, everything Jake Sully becomes, every amazing thing he experiences, happens after he eats the fruit, after he disobeys the people in the lab, after he leaves the cultivated, boring garden.

Cameron is sending a message. This is the creation story and fall in a few frames. You can read about it in the Bible, in the first 4 chapters of Genesis. Adam, in the garden, disobedient to his Creator. His body was created for him, but Adam disobeyed in eating the forbidden fruit. The Serpent told him it would make him wise, and that God was trying to keep it away from him because if he ate it he would be like God. The Serpent said God was trying to keep him down. Just like the people in the lab. And the movie Avatar then tells you that everything good – and enlightening – everything worth having, comes from disobedience to your Creator. That is the message of this scene, and ultimately, the central theme of this movie. It’s rebellion, with an environmentalist twist.

It’s a lie though, people. Rebellion against God has brought every misery you see around you on this world. Every sickness, every death, every decaying, polluted thing, is ultimately a result of sin and rebellion. Creation at the beginning was perfect. What you see around you was never what the Creator intended.

The portrayal that He is like a bunch of pygmy scientists (compared to the intellectual and physical capacity of His creation) is a blasphemous lie. The idea that the garden of Eden was this boring row of carrots (or whatever the humans are growing on Pandora) is a ridiculous lie. Eden was perfect, and gorgeous beyond anything the movie Avatar could come up with. The lie that you will be rewarded for rebellion is a destructive falsehood. God sent His Son to save the world from sin, and life and immortality come only through Him. God is not like He is portrayed in Avatar. He is good, and loving, and cares for humanity, as evidenced by Him sending His Son to die on behalf of humanity and save them from the consequences of their rebellion.

There are many other highly symbolic themes in the movie, for example, Jake Sully’s arrival on a great red dragon to save the world, and everyone on the planet (all the tribes) following after him, as one. Revelation 12 and 13 talks about a great red dragon, and that dragon gives his authority to the next beast that comes up with 7 heads and ten horns, symbolizing the transfer of power from pagan Rome to papal Rome (the Roman Catholic Church). I won’t go into that particularly at the moment, but it is telling. Then there is the false religion aspect of the movie – the paganism new age pantheism voodoo that runs through the whole thing, teaching that god is everywhere, that she (for god is female in Avatar) comes from the earth and that you can access her earth magic, etc. The very name – Pandora – is telling, and is a reference to the story of Pandora’s box, and all the horrible consequences that came from her disobedience.

The central theme, that runs throughout this movie, is that disobedience to God in whatever form – in rebellion and disobedience, in pagan (new age) worship, in pre-marital forbidden sex, in pride and violence, etc. is rewarded. It is enlightening. The god symbol in the movie is the established corporate/military order that keeps trying to prevent Sully from experiencing, keeps interrupting his experience with the Avatar, etc. James Cameron (and Hollywood in general) consistently has this agenda, and Avatar delivers it in fantastic, seductive, otherworldly fashion. It’s a dangerous movie, and people don’t see it. They’re dazzled by the flash of the CGI Serpent who, little by little, is bringing the whole world around to his way of thinking.

Don’t be deceived, beloved.


Evolution is Wrong

29 May

I thought of titling this ‘The Great (Stupid) Lie’, or, my second favorite – ‘Evolution is Horse Kaka, but I was thinking of the Google searches, and thought it was best to keep it simple…

I’m going to start with a story. My sister works for an electrical company and she’s really good at her job. She’s a hard worker, friendly, insightful, empathetic and very well-liked. She’s also a Creationist. In other words, she believes that God created humanity in His own image, and that He did it at the end of a literal 6 day creation, just as outlined in the deuteron-canonical book of Genesis. I think its fair to say that her belief forms a fairly substantial pillar in her identity.

One day, her co-workers were talking about how obviously true the theory of Evolution is. ‘Like, obviously, Tommy, look at all the evidence we were taught in high school, man. Creationists are really the dumbest people in the world, but I don’t think there’s many of them left.” “Yeah, man, their being selected out for extinction already, man.” “Yeah, totally, I don’t even know any Creationists, if I did I’d tell them how stupid they were for thinking God created the earth and that God created people, and that it all happened in 6 days.”

My sister doesn’t go to church much these days, but she knows what she believes, and she’s not afraid to say it. So she went into the group, who are all people who respect and like her a lot, and says, “Well, I’m a Creationist.”

And there was a deafening silence for a few moments, and then incredulous questions. You? No!? What? Impossible! You’re so normal. Are you crazy? Please! You believe God created us? You believe in God? You think we don’t come from monkeys? What? Are you kidding? Not you! I can barely believe it!

So she explained to them, that no, really, she was a real living example (not from the fossil record) of a Creationist.She told them briefly that she believed humans were created by God at the end of His creative work, and yes, in six literal days.

There was a lot of ridicule. Somewhat polite ridicule, because she’s too popular and good of a worker to snub outright. But ridicule, nevertheless. And then an ongoing campaign to change her mind. To convince her that her ancestors were really furry creatures that say “hoo hoo hoo” and scratch their armpits and that we sometimes lock up in cages and put in zoos.

As surely Divine Intervention would have it, a few weeks later, her department took a trip to the zoo. And the debate continued and intensified as it neared the primate encounter. When they arrived, they pointed to the monkeys and emphatically said, “Look! How expressive their faces are! Look at their thumbs! Look at their social hierarchies. They have families. They look like us. We came from them. There’s no difference but time between us and them.” They spoke with fervor, almost religious conviction. They were, in their minds, looking at the origin of the species. The fathers of their race.

My sister maintained that there were lots of differences, and that it was obvious that we didn’t come from monkeys. She was drowned out in the face of the ‘irrefutable’ evidence in the cages in front of them. She was told emphatically that “time was the only difference between us and them.” “We’re obviously from them!”

Just then, as they were talking and looking at the monkeys, one came up right beside the glass they were standing by and pooped. A moment later, another monkey came to the glass and saw the poop, poked it with a hairy forefinger, and contently began to eat it.

My sister looked at her suddenly silent co-workers and said, “And there’s one of the differences.”

True story. 2012.


There’s a lot of very good science to debunk evolution. Such as my favourite…

No transitional fossils leading up to the monkey or coming from the monkey, or from or to any other species, for that matter. The monkey appears in the fossil record fully formed. It’s still fully formed today. Why? How come even Darwin, who is the human author of this ridiculous theory, write, “Why is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links?  Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely – graduated organic chain; and this is the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against the theory.” C. Darwin, Origin of Species, 6th ed. 1872 (London: John Murray, 1902), p 413.

I agree with Darwin. The fact that the fossil record does not show a progression from species to species in the layers is a big problem for his stupid theory. I mean, if stuff is evolving over millions of years where are all the transitional bodies? There should be millions and billions of them. But they don’t exist. Everything is fully (not half or an eighth or a quarter) formed in the layers.

There are huge conglomerations of other problems with evolution. The point of this article is not to list them all… you can go to google and find lots of sites that talk about why evolution is nonsense.

But let’s face it, evolutionists, even the presence of modern day monkeys is a big problem for your theory. Why are they still hanging around? If mutation or aberration in a given species causes those members with advantageous characteristics to continue and those without to be “naturally selected” for extinction, why are they still here? They should have all been bred out in favor of the new genetic flavor of the day…

Yes, I’ve seen the nature documentaries… “and this is the primate, the great ancestor of modern day man. See his use of primitive tools and his attention to social structure, the precursor of online chatting…” You’ve seen the same National Geographic Presents’ that I have, the same David Attendborough narrated cinematographic masterpieces.

And you also have a brain. And you’ve seen monkeys and monkey documentaries and monkey lectures in high school, but you still have a brain, and the ability to question and reason that is so different than that of monkeys.

So let us consider this… monkeys have been on this planet for supposedly 2 million years, or something like that. They’ve had all this time to evolve. They’ve had all this time to progress. To learn. To advance. And they are today living exactly the same as they were back then.

Think about that. They are living exactly and precisely the same. They have built nothing, recorded nothing, produced nothing of cultural or historical significance. They have been alive for thousands and thousands of years and all they ever do is sit around and fight and eat and mate and do other basic animal stuff. Really basic animal stuff. For thousands and thousands of years. No changes. And now they live in zoos, because their human masters have put them there.

Have you ever seen a monkey make a campfire? Can a monkey make a campfire? You’d think it’d be easy. They have thumbs, even. Hand drill, bow drill, flint and steel, matches even… should be a snap. Monkeys have been around a long time. So has fire. Fire is useful. It’s super basic. Supposedly one of the monkey’s descendants figured it out, and has been doing it ever since. So, can monkeys learn to make a campfire? No. They can’t.

They don’t gather wood, they couldn’t organize the wood in the proper way, they couldn’t focus long enough to light it, even though it would be a huge benefit to them.

Why not? Because they are monkeys. Not humans.

Humans are different, with infinitely greater capacity to reason, to create, to subdue, to organize, plan, communicate, execute, imagine, endeavor, hope, dream, aspire.

The Bible says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and that He made mankind the overseer and the steward of this planet. Humanity has had dominion under God ever since.The fossil record bears out the Genesis account. It doesn’t support Darwin’s theory. Even he knew that.

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 7:29 that God made men upright, but that they have searched for many ways to lower themselves.

The theory of evolution is just one more confirmation of that.