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Part 2 of 6 – Why Rick Santorum is the Enemy of America

29 Feb

This is part 2 of a 6 part series on Rick Santorum. The material for the articles grows daily as Rick campaigns. Almost every day he supplies America with new and excellent reasons why he must not be elected to the White House. “He who has ears to hear let him hear.”


Let those among us who are religious and those of us who are not pause collectively to consider the gravity of the specter of millions of Christians trying to destroy their own country.

It’s Wednesday morning, February 29, 2012 and civilized, liberty-loving America is breathing  a collective sigh of relief that the Constitution of this embattled nation has withstood another swing, however weak yet, of the Religious Right’s Rick Santorum wrecking ball. Michigan and Arizona both voted for Mitt Romney, and  awarded him most of the delegates that  were up for grabs last night. The real victor for America is that Rick Santorum only garnered about 14 delegates on the night.

And yet again, the people who did vote for Santorum, who awarded him the delegates he did get, are misguided Christians.

These Christians somehow gloss over the fact that Santorum hates the Constitution of their own country. This week, he told Americans that the separation of Church and State, the backbone of the Constitution and thus of America, makes him want to ‘throw up’.

Paradoxically, the Constitution has guarded him impartially, faithfully, and overseen his personal freedom since the time he was born. There is much in that to show the grace of Christ for a sinner. The unmerited, constant, watchful, entreating, grace of Christ.

Why Santorum should hate the Constitutional pillar of his own personal liberty is a point tied to his very religious identity, the Pope-god he bows to, the traditions he holds, the god he serves. He himself may be unaware of all the many, many differences between himself and an American who loves America. He thinks, perhaps, that he is a real American, even. He may not fully know that he identifies himself with an institution of intellectual and spiritual slavery  – or that he cannot stand for liberty and justice because he does not know them.

He has blasted the media, both conservative and liberal, who question his statements on the separation of Church and State, the comments of John F. Kennedy, women’s rights, morality, the law, contraception, free choice and thinking, etc. The questions make him angry. He is irritated at being called to explain. That should be a warning sign to the American people. It is imperious. It’s very papal.

The media questions are sometimes misdirected, though, as in one nevertheless artful piece I read entitled “Would Santorum Put the Bible Over the Constitution”. You can read it here:

Like the author of that article, many are concerned that Santorum would put the Bible over the Constitution of the United States. When JFK ran for President though the big question was whether he would put what the Pope says over the Constitution. That should still be the question in Americans’ minds today.

Santorum is not in any danger of putting the Bible over the Constitution. He does not adhere to the Bible and he does not draw his beliefs from it. He says he does, yes. That is what Catholic candidates say to American Christians if he wants votes. But if he did adhere, he would not take “mass”, confess his sins to a man, believe the pope is God on earth, pray to Mary, believe in the apostolic succession of the Catholic church, believe that condoms are evil…  Even though there is no danger the Bible will be above the Constitution in a Santorum Presidency, there is no doubt that Santorum would and does put Catholic dogma, tradition, superstition and papal direction over the Constitution. If a man can put tradition over the Word of God, which Santorum does, it is nothing to put tradition over the Constitution of a country.

This is not unusual. It’s just Catholicism.

In Dei Verbim, one of the principal documents of the Vatican counsel and literally meaning “Word of God”, Pope Paul IV made clear that Catholic holy tradition is just as great an authority as the Bible. Or, in other words, that what the Pope, a man, says, is equal to the word of God.

In practice and where there is conflict between the Bible and tradition, ‘holy’ tradition takes precedence over the Bible for Catholics. Catholics didn’t like the second commandment of the Ten Commandments, so they got rid of it, and kept worshipping their idols. They didn’t like the Sabbath, so they changed the day of worship to Sunday. They didn’t like liberty of conscience (see Romans chapter 14, for example) so they say there is no such thing – Pope Gregory even called freedom of conscience a “delirium”, that it is an “absurd and erroneous maxim that” everyone should have it, and said that, “there is no doubt that they who do not profess the Catholic Faith and maintain it whole and inviolate will be eternally lost.” How do those statements sound to your Christian ears, America? Can there be any doubt that Santorum agrees with them?

Distilled in its simplest form – the Catholic church is against a person’s right, their God Given Right according to the Declaration of Independence, to believe as his or her conscience dictates. And now it is using Rick Santorum to say it to America.

I wonder if America is listening. Do they catch the steady tread of events? Or are democrats the only ones who get it so far? They turned out to vote for Santorum in Michigan big time last night, believing that a Santorum nomination will help Obama’s re-election.

They believe only a lunatic would vote for Santorum if he faces off against Obama for the Presidency.

My point for this article is simply this:

It is law which defines a government. It is law that protects a nation.

The Catholic Popes tried to change the very law of God, written in stone. There should be no doubt in any American’s mind that it desires to destroy the liberty of conscience enshrined in the parchment Constitution of the United States. Benedict the 16th is no different than Paul IV. He hates freedom of conscience, too. He thinks it is a delusion that everyone in America should have the right to believe according to his or her conscience.

The Constitution is parchment. It’s not stone. But I believe the Constitution of the United States is Divinely Inspired, shaped by God to guard every man, woman and child in America, be they of whatever color, rich or poor, believer or non-believer. And I believe, nay, I know, for he has said so himself, that Rick Santorum would tear it down and replace it with the dogma, superstition, tradition, and paganism of his Catholic overlord, the Pope of Rome.

“He who has ears to hear, let them hear”, as Jesus said. Does America have ears to hear in this, her hour of crisis?

I am including the below controversial article by Larry Doyle, on the subject of the cult of Rome. If you think Mitt Romney the Mormon is weird (he is), you need to take a new look at Catholicism. Enjoy.

Next Week Part III of Why Santorum is the Enemy of America


By Larry Doyle

It’s time to take a good hard look at Rick Santorum’s faith.

Many of you will be shocked to learn what our possible future president believes, who he answers to, the bloody jihads his so-called church has carried on for centuries, and its current role as the tactical arm of the North American Man-Boy Love Association.

As a former member of same sect (an Irish-Catholic, the worst kind), I have read the texts, participated in the rites, and even seen behind the curtain, as it were, as a one-time altar boy, so help me. I managed to escape, but then, Santorum is in much deeper than I ever was.

Unlike Christians, Santorum and his fellow Roman Catholics participate in a barbaric ritual dating back two millennia, a “mass” in which a black-robed cleric casts a spell over some bread and wine, transfiguring it into the actual living flesh and blood of their Christ. Followers then line up to eat the Jesus meat and drink his holy blood in a cannibalistic reverie not often seen outside Cinemax.

Roman Catholics like Santorum take their orders from “the Pope,” a high priest who, they believe, chats with God. Santorum has made no secret of his plans to implement his leader’s dicta on allowed uses of vaginas and anuses, but has said little about what additional dogma he will be compelled to obey. Will child killers and terrorists go unexecuted on the Pope’s say-so? Will we be able to conduct our wars as we see fit, or only the “just” ones? If Santorum is a good Catholic, and he appears to be among the very best, our real president with be Benedict XVI (a “former” Nazi, by the way).

Santorum has also remained silent on his religious organization’s various reigns of terror, in which good protestants and others were tortured and killed in imaginatively grisly ways. Even more chilling is a possible connection between the Roman Catholic Church pedophile program and NAMBLA, which I discovered after conducting some research on the internet.

Ordinarily I would be loathe to discuss all this, feeling that issues of faith and religion should be kept out of politics. But it’s far too late for that, and I have an obligation to expose this phony theology that threatens to supplant Christianity as our official national religion.

Need I remind you that only once in our great history has a Roman Catholic been elected president, and how tragically it ended?



23 Feb

Tonight, February 22, 2012, was a revelatory night in American politics… and not just because the nation got to see Ron Paul call Santorum “fake” to his self-righteous un-American face.

Tonight America might just have seen why Newt Gingrich is bothering to stay in the GOP nomination race.

Admit it. The thought of why Newt is still hanging around has crossed your mind. He is increasingly out of place on the national stage. He is falling in all the polls, eclipsed by Santorum’s tinsel star. We all know Gingrich is not in it to win.

Newt knows it, too. He has heard the media calling for him to quite pretending to be a GOP Presidential candidate. His delusions don’t prevent him from realizing his only real chance of seeing the Oval Office next January is probably on a guided tour.

So why is he still bothering? I think tonight’s debate might have shown us the answer.

When CNN’s John King tried to ask the candidates ‘the contraception question’, you know, the one that All of America is talking about, the one that would have made Santorum look like an idiot on live TV, Gingrich jumped to ridicule the question and say it was inappropriate.

No it wasn’t.

It is not inappropriate to discuss the rights of Americans, their right to privacy, their right to security of the person, the right of conscience… their right to be free without Santorum and the Catholic Pope in their bedroom.

It’s a  perfectly appropriate question.

And it’s a question that Santorum can’t afford to answer during a live debate because his answer is unconstitutional and unpopular. And so Gingrich shielded him with his blustery bogus. Gingrich, who has no hope in this race, running interference for a fellow Catholic who still has a chance.

Yes. I just speculated that the real reason Gingrich is still in the race is to watch Santorum’s backside.

Crazy? Implausible? Maybe. Maybe not. Gingrich converted to Catholicism after wife number three and an encounter with the Pope made him think he’d found the ‘god particle’ of his existence. He abandoned his Protestant roots to embrace the Pope, a man who hates freedom of religion, hates the principle of sola scriptura, and hates, hates, hates an America where people are free to worship as their conscience dictates.

Far fetched?

We’ll see.






A Sense of Condom-Nation

21 Feb

It is growingly obvious that Rick Santorum and the Christian Right (who these days are stuck together like a week old ham and cheese in a hot car in Phoenix) have no inkling, no, not the slightest beginning of a grasp, on what America is or the secret of her strength. Santorum, backed by James Dobson and the majority of Christian conservatives, wants to see the government legislate morality on Americans.  ‘Too much freedom’  is their cry. Time to usher in the birth of a nation with people who do what they are told in accordance with Christian (which has somehow mistakenly become synonymous with Catholic) principles. They want to see force. Some laws with teeth, as Benedict 16 said recently. And whether that means bombing Iran for the sake of some Christian manifest destiny or making everyone in America give up their condoms, they want the government to make it happen. Force It  to happen.

So Christianity fumbles ineptly (but more and more persistently) for the power of the state to enforce her ends.

But there are problems. And they are these  – 1.  liberty and equality make America great. Freedom of the person. Freedom of the conscience.  These are the secrets of America’s greatness –  that she cut the papal and monarchial shackles of the human mind to live equal and free in the eyes of God. Accountable to her Creator, who endowed her with certain inalienable rights.

In consequence, humanity has been permitted to blossom, if it will. Greatness has followed. You can bet Santorum knows that the biggest barrier to making America in his own image (which is just a sweatered variety of his pontifical pajama clad master) is the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence.

And – 2. the same Jesus who said through the Apostle Paul that there is ‘neither Jew nor Greek’ also said ‘My kingdom is not of this world’ and ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you.’ Santorum is trying to force Christ into people’s hearts, and if not into their hearts into their behaviour. But Christ said, ‘I stand at the door and knock.’ Santorum would follow Christ’s knock with a bull horn and an armored car if the door doesn’t open up spit spot.

Which brings me, not irreverently, to the lowly condom. Liberty and justice have many emblems, and one would hardly have picked the rubber as one of them before Santorum decided he wanted to be President and take them all away. But in my analysis of his policies I decided to start ‘down there’ and work upwards.

It’s becoming increasingly well known that Santorum is passionately against contraception, and that includes the condom. Here is his seminal quote on the subject:

“One of the things I will talk about, that no President has talked about before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country… it’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”

(Santorum has also stated that he believes that individual states have the right to make laws banning married couples from using contraception.)

So there’s about a hundred things wrong with Santorum’s position on condoms but we’ll try to cover the big ones…

1. Typical Disregard of the Law

We should call this one the Griswold principle, which is the Supreme Court of the United States (the same United States that Santorum wants to be President of) decision in 1964 found that the 4th Amendment grants an individual security of the person (privacy) from state interference. That means that the Supreme Court says Santorum can’t remove condoms from the nations bedrooms, even if he doesn’t want any in his own. Santorum. Did you hear that? You get to choose for your self, we get to choose for ours. That’s America. Quite trying to change the definition of ‘America’.

And there’s a reason no President talks about condoms and contraception and whether a state has the right to remove them from individuals, and that’s because the issue has already been decided. The answer is ‘no’.  But Santorum has no respect for the Constitution or the courts. If he will not leave something small like condoms, alone, he will not leave something big, and substantial, like the separation of church and state, alone. And he has said as much.

2. Hypocrisy

Santorum is a Catholic. So what, you say. But Santorum is rabidly Catholic, and an avid supporter of not-often-enough-maligned Opus Dei. He may even be a member of the weird cult-branch of the Catholic Church that is known for its secrecy, elitism, misogyny, mortification of the flesh, and emphasis on, suprise!, a close interrelation between faith and politics.

How is all this hypocritical? Just this – Catholicism, the Pope, Opus Dei and Rick Santorum all teach celibacy as a requirement for priests. You know, those guys who have been in the news a lot lately because they can’t keep their hands off of alter boys. It’s interesting to see that the Apostle Paul, speaking of seducing spirits and doctrines of devils in 1 Timothy 4:3-5 stated that some would listen to lies spoken in hypocrisy forbidding to marry. Or in other words, people who say celibacy for the ministry is required by God. The Bible calls that a lie. A hypocrisy. A doctrine of seducing spirits.

If condoms “are a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be” what Rick, do you call the priesthood? Thousands, nay, millions of men, worldwide, with access to high speed internet and waaayyy too much time on their hands, and no wives? No women. That would be bad. But Tom, John, Peter, Paul, Timothy, Josef and Harry live in the next cloister over? According to some estimates, homosexuality in the Catholic clergy is as high in the United States as 53 percent and at least, at least, mind you, 33 percent. Now that’s not officially sanctioned homosexuality – I mean, the Pope says you can’t have a wife if you’re a priest, and you’re surrounded by other men without wives, not to mention those poor kids, but no, the Pope’s not saying homosexuality is OK. It’s officially wrong. But its unofficially the norm. In fact, Saint Anselem of Canterbury said that homosexuality should be punished moderately since its so common within Catholic circles. But of course, they aren’t allowed to wear a condom while they do it, so its OK. Unsurprisingly, many priests die of AIDS related illnesses due to homosexual practices. There’s plenty of info on priestly pin cushioning at the below site:

I wonder if the Catholic Church ever read about John B. Calhoun’s experiments with rats, and homosexuality resulting from a lack of personal space. In fact, that’s what monasteries are – they are homosexuality hothouses.

3. Protection of People

You may have heard that song ‘People Are Still Having Sex’ from the 90’s. Well, they are. And they will until the end of this planet. Because of this imperfect and flawed world, with sin all around, not all of them are married. Lots of them, maybe even most of them, are not monogomous. There are plenty of Catholic men, right now, even as you read this, driving up to a young woman on a street corner to pay for sex, with a wife at home. Even Italy, the country right next door to His Holeiness Benedict 16, is an absolute hot bed of marital infidelity. Stark naked illicit passion. And with it comes disease, in all shapes and debilitating forms. Diseases that destroy the immune system and cause boils and scabbies and twisted spines, incontinence, burning genitals and herpes. And whether priests are forced to be celibate and whether the Pope gets his way and has his buddy Rick take condoms off the shelf at Rite-Aid, people are still going to be having sex.

Prostitution, also, is a form of slavery all around the world, not just in Thailand. In America, too. Prostitutes are victims of this world’s cruelty, vice and lust. Rick Santorum would ensure that they get their predator’s diseases along with whatever other misery they go through.

In short, Santorum is no friend of America. When he speaks of freedom of religion he is not speaking of the same freedom of religion that the Founding Fathers believed in. What Santorum means is freedom to push the agenda of his religion – Catholicism. The Christian Right in America seem willingly to jump aboard his flagship if it will help them get rid of Obama. Thus far they are unaware they would be trading for a dragon.

Stay Tuned Next Week for Another Article on Why Santorum is the Enemy of America.

Santorum at the Gates

15 Feb

Rick Santorum is protesting and he is striking a big chord with GOP voters. His targets include the twin caricatures ‘religion-hater Obama’ and ‘liberal snob economist Romney’, plus all the usual enemies of the Right – secularism, atheism, abortion, homosexuality, laziness and general godlessness in America, plus a few new ones, like contraception. Yes. You read that last one right.

Santorum, massively popular in growing GOP circles, is a different kind of candidate. He is not running on a platform of intellect. He has a hard time making proper and intelligible sentences sometimes (see quote at the conclusion of this article) but it doesn’t seem to matter to the Right, who only recently weaned themselves off of Sarah Palin.  Santorum’s appeal is not toughness. It’s not charm, or wit.  Santorum is trying to win it all with good old fashioned godliness. Righteousness. A standard that might as well say – My Platform Was Hand Made By Jesus – Come Up If You Love Him.

It behooves us, we the people, to investigate that platform. To scrutinize it and the man who stands on it very carefully, indeed. Don’t forget, it wasn’t many days past that the Christian Right was huddling around Newt Gingrich, who they thought was Jesus’ candidate until they noticed the loose zipper on his trousers. Before Newt there was Bachmann and Perry.  The GOP Righters have since congregated around Santorum, who is admittedly more sparkly than Gingrich, and more certain of himself than either Perry or Bachmann. He has a righteous-y look about him, too.

It is evident, appalingly so, however, that Santorum is a sweater clad Trojan horse at the great gate of the separation of Church and State in America, a veritable waiting wolf. I say this as a Republican in ideology. I believe in Jesus.

And I still think Rick Santorum is the scariest thing we’ve ever seen in American politics. I see a wolf and a whole lot of naive and painfully ignorant Christian Americans who have forgotten both their Bibles and American history 101. They have forgotten the faces of their Fathers… their Forefathers. And they remember nothing of the great barrier between church and state erected by those Fathers to protect America from wolves.

Upcoming blogs will cover why Santorum is a wolf, starting this coming week with his ongoing rant against contraception.Tell your friends, tell your enemies, and send this link to all you know. We’re going to have a great ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye’ here at


[I]nterestingly enough, here is what they are forcing them to do — in an insurance policy, they are [sic] forcing them to pay for something that costs just a few dollars. Is that what insurance is for? The foundational idea that we have the [sic] government tells you that you have to pay for everything as a business. Things that are not really things you need insurance for, and still forcing on something [sic] that is not a critical economic need, when you have an economic distress, where you would need insurance. But forcing them even more to do it for minor expenses.” – Rick Santorum